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International Reactor - Innovative and Secure  

IRIS (International Reactor Innovative and Secure)
An Advanced, Medium-Size LWR Reactor for Near-Term Deployment

Dr. Mario Carelli, IRIS project Director, Westinghouse Electric Co.
Dr. Bojan Petrovic, IRIS project Deputy Director, Westinghouse Electric Co.

velika predavalnica
Izobraževalni center za jedrsko tehnologijo Milana Čopiča, Podgorica
v petek 9. septembra 2005 ob 14 uri

IRIS (International Reactor Innovative and Secure) is an advanced, modular, medium-size (335 MWe) LWR reactor with integral primary circuit configuration. It is being developed by an international team of about 20 organizations from 10 countries, targeting near-term deployment, in the next decade. IRIS characteristics are especially tailored for smaller countries.

A review of its main design, safety and economics features will be presented, together with prospects for its deployment. It will be discussed how a consistent application of the IRIS safety-by-design philosophy has enabled to simultaneously accomplish design simplifications, enhanced safety, and improved economics.

Seminar bo trajal približno eno uro, nakar bo sledila diskusija.