About Alfa Section


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Alfa Section as part of the Nuclear Society of Slovenia was founded by experts working in the field of nuclear and radiation safety in order to:

 encourage exchange of professional information of the pubic regarding development and achievements of  nuclear safety and peaceful use of ionising radiation

 maintain organisational support to experts including knowledge management.


Around 30 experts from all organisations related to nuclear safety and safe use of ionising radiation who are active in Slovenia take part in activities of the Section. The Alfa Section is also open to all experts  outside Slovenia, i.e. European Commission engaged in the fields already mentioned. The Section was established in Ljubljana in March 2003.


The president of the Section is Dr. Nadja Zeleznik.


Contact us:


Agency for Radwaste Management

Parmova 53

SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: 386 1 236 32 00

Fax: 386 1 236 32 30


Leaflet in Slovenian language

Further information in Slovenian language are availabe here.