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  More on nuclear energy

  Atlas of nuclear technology
  Rent a videotape on nuclear energy
  Virtual nuclear tourist - an excellent website from USA
  Nuclear power plants all over the world - interactive guide
  History of radioactive material application - Exhibition

  Governmental and legislative organizations

  Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA)
  Slovenian agency for radwaste management
  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commision

  Legislation on the nuclear field

  NSS, Legislation on the nuclear field (Si)
  SNSA, Slovenian legislation
  10 CFR (Energy), Legislation of United States of America

  Societies and organizations

  Slovenian Nucelar Forum Association
  European Nuclear Society
  American Nuclear Society
  ÖKTG - Austrian Nuclear Society
  The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  European Federation of National Engineering Associations
  Radiochemistry Society
  Slovenian National Committee for FEANI

  Education and research

  "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Nuclear Training Centre Milan Čopič
  "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Department of Environmental Sciences
  "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Reactor Physics Department (F8)
  "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Reactor Engineering Division (R4)
  "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Radiation Protection Group
  University of Ljubljana, Graduate study of nuclear engineering
  University of Ljubljana, Department of Physics
  European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN)
  Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute
  Department of Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Nuclear Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


  Nuclear Power Plant Krško
  ELES - Elektro Slovenija (Si)