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For more than two decades, the nuclear professionals active with research and higher education institutions, vendors, utilities and regulatory bodies, gather at the international conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe. The 22nd international conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe in 2013 attracted the best ever 214 participants from 29 countries.

It was a distinguished privilege that His Excellency Borut Pahor, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, served as the honourable sponsor of the conference.

The leading theme of the conference was New Generation(s) for Better Future. The discussions at the conference coincided in the recognition that the safe, competitive and sustainable nuclear energy relies on highly educated, motivated and ethic experts, permanent and carefully coordinated management of research and expertise capabilities, and adequate financial resources. The safe, competitive and sustainable nuclear energy further requires close cooperation of all stakeholders to implement the best available science, knowledge and solutions. Comprehensive supporting views were given by the 6 panellists during the round table discussion, followed by the 8 invited lecturers discussing the contemporary and future challenges and opportunities.

The work on the proceedings started in January 2013 with the call for papers, which resulted in 204 submitted abstracts. These were integrated by the program committee in the program of the conference in the beginning of June 2013. Finally, 144 papers were presented: 35 as oral presentations and 109 as posters. The proceedings contain 134 peer-reviewed papers, presentations of invited lectures and photographs from the venue.

The traditional contest of young authors was a great opportunity for the new generation of experts to promote their ideas and work. 17 young authors from 7 countries were participating in the contest. The awards were presented to

  • Aljaž Kolšek from Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, and
  • Anton Pshenichnikov from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

The best poster awards were presented to

  • Siniša Šadek, Milan Amižić, Davor Grgić from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Croatia,
  • Changwook Huh, Jin-Hyuck Kim from Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, South Korea, and
  • Anže Jazbec, Gašper Žerovnik, Luka Snoj from Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.

Our sincere appreciations go to the panellists, invited lecturers and authors for their excellent contributions. Special thanks go to the members of the program committee, who solicited papers and elaborated the conference program. Further, we are grateful to the session chairs for managing discussions and to the reviewers for their prudent suggestions to improve the papers. We are also indebted to the members of the award committees, who diligently worked through the excellent papers, submitted by young authors, and the excellent poster presentations, and selected the best. Finally, we would like to recognize the dedication and enthusiasm of the organizing committee and the members of the administrative and technical assistance team.

Last, but not least, we would like to recognize the support of the Nuclear Society of Slovenia and the Reactor Engineering Division of the Jožef Stefan Institute as the co-organizers, and the support of our sponsors.

We are looking forward to meet you all at the 23rd international conference Nuclear Energy for New Europe in Portorož, Slovenia, from September 8 to 11, 2014.

Dr. Mitja Uršič
Organizing committee chair
Prof. dr. Leon Cizelj
Program committee chair