The conference "Nuclear Energy for New Europe" attempts to address the prospects of nuclear energy in present and future Europe. It evolved from annual conferences of Nuclear Society of Slovenia which started in Bovec in 1992. This year the conference was attended by 136 participants from 18 countries and from the International Atomic Energy Agency. The technical part of the program was complemented by the afternoon trip to the famous Postojna Cave. This and other social activities stimulated the friendly and productive atmosphere at the conference.

The editorial activities of these Proceedings started in the January 2004 with Call for papers and 121 abstracts were submitted by May. A Program Committee meeting was held in June in Ljubljana where the program of the conference was outlined. Invited lecturers covered a wide range of topics from first-hand experience from UN inspection in Iraq to media reporting on nuclear power and to the ITER fusion project. Contributed papers also presented a variety of new scientific, technical and operational results. There were 107 presentations at the conference and they were divided into 10 sections. Around half of contributions were presented orally and others as posters. Each paper was reviewed by two referees before being included in the Proceedings.

Following the tradition of previous meetings, award was given for the best paper prepared by first author aged no more than 32 years. Seven young authors participated in the contest and the Award for Young Authors was presented to:

Luka Snoj
, Slovenia for the paper
Effect of Packing Fraction Variations on Reactivity in Pebble-Bed Reactor

(co-authored by Matjaž Ravnik)

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our institution, i.e., the Jožef Stefan Institute, and to all other sponsors who contributed to the success of the meeting. We would also like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of all reviewers and the members of the Organization Committee.

Marjan Tkavc 
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Igor Jenčič
Chairman of the Program Committee


Ljubljana, December 2004