Invited Lectures

Next Generation Reactor and Fuels

Reactor Physics

Reactor Operation

Nuclear Materials

Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Technology

Thermal Hydraulics

Probabilistic Safety Assessment 

Severe Accidents 

Radiology and Environment 

Radioactive Waste

Education, Public Relations and Regulatory Issues

Invited Lectures

Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTD) for Charged Particles and Neutrons
Luigi Tommasino

Impact of Partitioning and Transmutation in Radioactive Waste Management
Joseph Magill

Health Effects of Low Level Radiation
Sylvie Chevillard, N. Ugolin, J. Lebeau, K. Ory

The European Fusion Energy Research Programme towards the realization of a Fusion Demonstration Reactor
Maurizio Gasparotto, Rainer Laesser

Computational Methods, Tools, and Data for Nuclear Analyses of Fusion Technology Systems
Ulrich Fischer

Gen-III/III+: Solving the Future Energy Supply Shortfall – The SWR-1000 Option
Zoran Stošić

Next Generation Reactor and Fuels

Evaluating Code HOJE for Selection/Comparison of IIIrd Generation Nuclear Power Plants
Lubor Žežula, Bedřich Heřmanský

Power DRAC for Rapid LMFBR Deployment and Consequent CO2 Mitigation
William Schenewerk

AP1000: The PWR Revisited
Paolo Gaio

IRIS – Progress in Licensing and Toward Deployment
Bojan Petrović, Mario Carelli, Charles Kling, Nikola Čavlina, Davor Grgić

The EPR – A Safe and Competitive Solution for Future Energy Needs
Ruediger Leverenz

Reactor Physics

Typical Safety Analysis Application for a Nuclear Research Reactor
B. Meftah, T. Zidi, T. Zergoug, L. Mammou, M.Y. Mokeddem, Anis Bousbia Salah

Power Peakings in Mixed Triga Cores
Luka Snoj, Matjaž Ravnik

TRIGLAV-W a Windows Computer Program Package with Graphical Users Interface for TRIGA Reactor Core Management Calculations
Tomaž Žagar, Slavko Slavič, Bojan Žefran, Luka Snoj, Matjaž Ravnik

Assessment of the Scram Uncertainty of the KARATE Program System Based on Physical Startup Experiments
György Hegyi, András Keresztúri, Csaba Maráczy

Impact of Possible Control Rod Misalignment on the NPP Krško Core Instrumentation
Marjan Kromar, Bojan Kurinčič

Calculation of Power Density with MCNP in TRIGA Reactor
Luka Snoj, Matjaž Ravnik

Validation of 232Th Evaluated Nuclear Data through Benchmark Experiments
Andrej Trkov, R. Capote-Noy

Reactor Operation

Simulation of the Paks-2 Incident: The CODEX-CT-1 Experiment
Péter Windberg, Zoltán Hózer, Imre Nagy, András Vimi

The Use of Advanced Scale Conditioning Agents for Maintenance of the Secondary Side of Nuclear Plant Steam Generators
Philip Battaglia, Donna Rogosky

Aging Assessment of Cable for NPP
Lim Byung-Ju, Park Chang-dae, Song Chi-sung

New Measuring and Protection System at VR 1 Training Reactor
Martin Kropík, Monika Juŕičková

Fuel Pin Bowing and Related Investigation of the Gadolinium Fuel Pin Influence on Power Release Inside of Neighbouring Fuel Pins in a WWER-440 Type Core
Ján Mikuš

Optimization of Maintenance Periodicity of Complex of NPP Safety Systems
Victor Kolykhanov, Volodimir Skalozubov, Yuriy Kovrigkin

Nuclear Materials

Multiscale Model of Short Cracks in a Random Polycrystalline Aggregate
Igor Simonovski, Leon Cizelj, Zoran Petrič

Reactor Materials Research as an Effective Instrument of Nuclear Reactor Perfection
Mikhail Baryshnikov

Multiply Scattering of Internal Conversion Electrons in Nuclear Emulsion Used in Beta-Spectrographs
Valery Ditlov

Application of Organic Semiconductors for the Detection of Ionizing Radiations
Matjaž Koželj, Bruno Cvikl, Dean Korošak

Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Technology

Measurements of Recombination Coefficient of Hydrogen Atoms on Plasma Deposited Thin Films
Aleksander Drenik, Alenka Vesel, Miran Mozetič

Measurements of H-atom Density by a Catalytic Probe
Alenka Vesel, Aleksander Drenik, Miran Mozetič

Discharge Cleaning of Carbon Deposits
Miran Mozetič, Alenka Vesel, Aleksander Drenik

Potential Formation in a Plasma Diode Containing Two-electron Temperature Plasma – Comparison of Analytical and Numerical Solutions and PIC Simulations
Tomaž Gyergyek, Milan Čerček, Borut Jurčič-Zlobec

Experimental Studies of Processes with Vibrationally Excited Hydrogen Molecules that are Important for Tokamak Edge Plasma
Iztok Čadež, Sabina Markelj, Zdravko Rupnik, Primož Pelicon

Deterministic 3D Transport, Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of TPR and Reaction Rate Measurements in HCPB Breeder Blanket Mock-up Benchmark
Ivan Kodeli

Thermal Hydraulics

Boiling of Refrigerant R-113: Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis
Boštjan Končar, Borut Mavko

Analysis of Water Hammer Phenomena in RBMK-1500 Reactor Main Circulation Circuit
Algirdas Kaliatka, Eugenijus Uspuras, Mindaugas Vaisnoras

Post-Test Analysis of the Bethsy Experiment 9.1b with ASTEC V1.2 Code for CESAR Thermal-Hydraulic Module Validation
Giacomino Bandini, Paride Meloni, Nicolas Tregoures, Joelle Fleurot

Eight Equation Model for Arbitrary Shaped Pipe Conveying Fluid
Janez Gale, Iztok Tiselj

The Influence of the Reynolds Number on the Passive Scalar Field in a Turbulent Channel Flow
Robert Bergant, Iztok Tiselj

Condensation of the Steam in the Horizontal Steam Line during Cold Water Flooding
Luka Štrubelj, Iztok Tiselj

Improvement in Post Test Accident Analysis Results Prediction for the Test no. 2. in PSB Test Facility by Applying UMAE Methodology
S.K. Dubey, A. Petruzzi, Walter Giannotti, Francesco D'Auria

Quantitative Assessment with Improved FFTBM by Signal Mirroring
Andrej Prošek, Matjaž Leskovar

Application of Best Estimate Thermohydraulic Codes for the Safety Analysis of Research Reactors
Martina Adorni, Anis Bousbia Salah, Francesco D'Auria, T. Hamidouche

CFX-10 and RELAP5-3D Simulations of Coolant Mixing Phenomena in RPV of VVER-1000 Reactors
Fulvio Terzuoli, Fabio Moretti, Daniele Melideo, Francesco D'Auria, Oleksandr Shkarupa

Post Test Analysis and Accuracy Quantification of PKL III E3.1 Test
F. Mascari, G. Vella, Alessandro Del Nevo, Francesco D'Auria, O. Llombart

Ignalina NPP Confinement Response in Case of Large LOCA and Failure of Water Injection to RCS
Egidijus Urbonavicius

Probabilistic Safety Assessment

Power System Reliability Analysis Using Fault Trees
Andrija Volkanovski, Marko Čepin, Borut Mavko

Update of Human Reliability Analysis for Nuclear Power Plant
Marko Čepin, Rudolf Prosen

Severe Accidents

Analysis of the COLIMA CA-U3 Test Using the ELSA Module of ASTEC
Laurence Godin-Jacqmin, Christophe Journeau, Pascal Piluso

Simulation of KAEVER Experiments on Aerosol Behavior in a Nuclear Power Plant Containment at Accident Conditions with the ASTEC Code
Ivo Kljenak, Borut Mavko

Transuranics and Fission Products Release from PWR Fuels in Severe Accident Conditions: Lessons Learnt from VERCORS RT3 and RT4 Tests
Y. Pontillon, Gérard Ducros, S. Van Winckel, B. Christiansen, Martin Kissane, R. Dubourg, Y. Dutheillet, F.A. Andreo

Numerical Study of Interaction Between NPP Containment Atmosphere and Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners
Miroslav Babić, Ivo Kljenak, Borut Mavko

Assessment of the Potential Consequences of a Large Primary to Secondary Leakage Accident – Final Report
Francesco D'Auria, Yoshiaki Makihara, Atanas Sartmadjiev, Srđan Špalj, Nikolay Bukin, Jiri Macek, Andrei Gudoshnikov, Heikki Kantee, Pal Kostka, Marian Krištof, Jozsef Elter, Boris Kvizda, Peter Matejovič

Pre-calculations of KROTOS/PLINIUS Steam Explosion Experiment with MC3D
Matjaž Leskovar, Borut Mavko

Top Flooding Modeling with MAAP4 Code
Estelle Brunet-Thibault, Serge Marguet

Material Properties Influence on Steam Explosion Efficiency: Prototypic versus Simulant Melts, Eutectic versus Non-Eutectic Melts
Matjaž Leskovar, Borut Mavko

Pre-Test Analytical Support for Experiments QUENCH-10, -11 and -12
Jonathan Birchley, Tim Haste, Wolfgang Hering, Christoph Homann

Porous Debris Behavior Modeling of QUENCH-02, QUENCH-03 and QUENCH-09 Experiments
Arcadii Kisselev, Gennadii Kobelev, Valerii Strizhov, Alexander Vasiliev

Radiology and Environment

New Automatic Radiation Monitoring Network in Slovenia
Michel Cindro, Barbara Vokal Nemec

RODOS System in Slovenia
Dušan Peteh, Michel Cindro, Barbara Vokal Nemec

Study of the Performance of Efficiency Tracing Technique on a TriCarb 2100TR Liquid Scintillation Analyzer
Relu Dobrin, Crisian Dulama, Alexandru Toma, Constantin Paunoiu

Optimisation of Measurements Procedures for Determination of Beta Emitters Using a Proportional Counter
Marko Štrok, Urška Repinc, Borut Smodiš

Radioisotopes in Effluents from PWR NPP during its Lifetime
Helena Janžekovič, Milko Križman

DataBase for Environmental Monitoring at Nuclear Facilities
Mircea Raceanu, Adrian Enache, Ionut Faurescu, Carmen Varlam

C-14 Concentration Measurement in Aqueous Samples Using Direct Absorption Method and Liquid Scintillation Counting
Carmen Varlam, Ioan Stefanescu, Ionut Faurescu, Irina Popescu

Cosmic Radiation Dose in the Aircraft
Branko Vuković, Vanja Radolić, Branko Vekić, Maja Varga, Josip Planinić

Radioactive Waste

Conditioning of Uranium-Containing Technological Radioactive Waste
Borut Smodiš, Gašper Tavčar, Matjaž Stepišnik, Bogdan Pucelj

Spent Sealed Radioactive Sources Conditioning Technology for the Disposal at the National Repository Baia-Bihor
Danut Bujoreanu, I.V. Popescu

Influence of Natural Sorbents in Immobilization of Radioactive Waste in Cement
Ilija Plećaš, Slavko Dimovic

Solving One-Dimensional Phase Change Problems with Moving Grid Method and Mesh Free Radial Basis Functions
Leopold Vrankar, Goran Turk, Franc Runovc, Edward Kansa

Release of Radionuclides Following Severe Accident in Interim Storage Facility: Source Term Determination
Sonia Morandi, Mario Mariani, Roberto Covini, Francesca Giacobbo

Multinational/Regional Repository - an Illusion or Solution?
Irena Mele

Education, Public Relations and Regulatory Issues

Government Policy for Nuclear Education and Training in Romania
Stefania Popadiuc, Cristiana Geambaşu, Bogdan Popa

EU Assistance for Sustainable Development of the Nuclear Field in Romania
Cristiana Geambaşu, Stefania Popadiuc, Olivia Comsa

Public Opinion about Nuclear Energy – Year 2006 Poll
Radko Istenič, Igor Jenčič, Marjan Tkavc

Training Courses at VR-1 Reactor
Lubomir Sklenka, Martin Kropík

Development of the Personnel Training and Qualification System of the Russian Federation Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Evgeny Kapralov, Yury Kapralov, Vladimir Kozlov

Termination of Past Nuclear Activities at the Nuclear Research Institute
Helena Janžekovič, Milko Križman

The Role of Nuclear Power in the Option Zero Emission Technologies for Fossil Fuels
Zrinka Čorak

Science Information Centre and Nuclear Department Library of "Jožef Stefan" Institute, Ljubljana
Alenka Štante, Slavica Šmuc

NPP Krsko Periodic Safety Review Action Plan
Tea Bilić-Zabric

Safety Documentation in the Siting Process of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Repository
Marko Giacomelli, Igor Osojnik, Maks Pečnik